DigiLog conference in Helsinki

NDPTL project on eCMR was covered in the DigiLog 2023 conference.

From the project partners, the following presentations were delivered:
* Real time economy project, Eva Killar, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia
* DIGINNO, Ulrika Hurt, Digilogistika Keskus

and in Panel Discusssion:

Panel discussion 
Matti Lankinen (Vedia/CaaS Nordic,), Niko Korte (SSAB), Toni Penttinen (Ahola Transport), Andres Uusoja (HHLA), Sami Rakshit (Finnish Customs), Eva Killar (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia) participated.

The event gathered key experts from Finland and invited international partners to contribute to discussions on the future of the Nordic-Baltic and further beyond corridor, digital developments and stakeholder networks.

On the eFTI and eCMR progress, a review was given also on the NDPTL project

The conference link – HERE

Reflective news on the CaasNordic Website: HERE

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